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Aries- God of War


Welcome to Battlestar Aries-BSR 26 Website

Welcome to Battlestar Aries-BSR 26, a site dedicated to Battlestar Galactica.  Our humble beginning and journey began on September 16, 2006.  After much debate and research, this mighty ship was finally christened Aries, named after the Greco Roman God of War  Ares.  We are a corresponding chapter in the Colonial Defense Forces originally proudly serving the South Texas region as part of the 6th Fleet.  Battlestar Aries is the only chapter in the Colonial Defense Forces that has kept a picture gallery of its journey through time.   

We are fans of all ages from all over South Texas who share a love for Battlestar Galactica.  Our main goal for the chapter is fun, friendship and fellowship.  We attempt to accomplish this by sponsoring localized get togethers, attending conventions, online chatting and online playing role adventures.  But first and foremost that are dearest to our hearts is that WE are as a chapter are "family of friends."

We are currently recruiting active and like minded fans for a variety of  crew positions as well as Viper Pilots, Raptor Pilots, and Colonial Marines. It is our hope that you will enjoy your visit to the Battlestar Aries and perhaps join us in the adventure.  In such a short period of time, Battlestar Aries has proven her greatness by leading with example with the help, love and respect of her crew.  There is no other ship that can claim what she had accomplished in such a short period time of her existence.  "Chapters have come and gone with their members and most were never heard from or seen again.  And so did some of the original members of the Aries.  But, there are some that is still with her.  And there are also some that are no longer part of her crew but still help take care of her helping keep her FTL's running at full capacity in the spirit of why she was created in the first place.  And that is what makes the Aries unique in its own sense is the loyalty and dedication of both her current members and former members(at the least the ones that chooses to do so).  In the end, despite the many fallouts we have all shared, all we really have was each other.   The bond and friendship forge by most of her members both current and fomer members, could not and cannot be broken despite the passing of time.   Regardless of where they are now and whatever they may be doing in life, they will forever be a part of her history."  She will undoubtedly go down in the history of Colonial Defense Forces, as one of the greatest if not the best, ship of all.  Like all those before her namely her direct predecessor, Battlestar Pegasus, who was destroyed in battle in an effort to save the Galactica, she and her valiant and loyal crew will do everything they can to protect the safety and lives of humanity even if it means sacrificing themselves to do so. Battlestar Aries has always lead the way through the course of time and has mentored others and is always proving her worth in the field of battle for like her brave and crew, she never backs down in a fight.  

Battlestar Aries-BSR Commanding Officer

Personal Bio:

ADM Rivera, Miguel A. (CF)

Battlestar Aries-BSR 26 Commanding Officer: CDF Fleet Operations

**CDF Career: Going on 8 Years in March 2014

NOTE:  Admiral Rivera is the new BFC Fleet Admiral

7th Year Anniversary Video:   http://www.cagvf84.com/2013_Aries_Ann_Video/2013_Aries_Annv.wmv


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